Do You Want a Cookie too?

My wish for 2015- may we all- with focus, purpose and determination- reach (and enjoy:-) all the cookies we desire!

If you want to explore how a coach can help keep you on track in your quest for your cookies, write in to

Happy New Year!!


How can Coaching help me?

What is coaching?

Coaching is a systematic and creative process, where the coach aids the coachee to discover and uncover guidance and insights by the simple process of engaging in a focused conversation.

The coachee is able to become self-aware; acknowledge their own strengths and limitations, uncover limiting behavior patterns, acknowledge their aspirations and recognize challenges they face.

Coaching creates an environment of support and encouragement- and a safe and judgment free space to express, discuss, discover, decide and commit.

What can Coaching help me achieve?

Coaching is targeted at professional like you, who may be dealing with issues of professionalism at the workplace, aiming for leadership success, working toward establishing credibility, forging and fostering workplace networks and relationships, juggling demands of home and office while not forgetting yourself! Coaching is offered as a tool to address any and all of your concerns that are keeping you from being a 100 percent productive and happy professional.